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Apricot Cream Cake with Cashews or Macadamia Nuts (Video)

You can use either cashews or macadamia nuts for this delicious apricot cream cake. Check out the recipe!
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For the bottom layer
Cut the vanilla bean pod in half and use a knife to scrape out the amount called for in the recipe, or somewhat more if you prefer. Finely grind the cashews, coconut flour, vanilla, and lemon peel in a blender. Add the coconut oil and blend briefly until the mixture is smooth.

Pour the batter into a springform pan (diameter: 21 cm) that is lined with parchment paper and smooth out until even. Place in the freezer and leave it there while you are making the cream.

For the cream
Wash the apricots and remove the pits. Place all of the ingredients except for the psyllium in the blender and blend until smooth. Taste the cream and if desired add a little coconut palm sugar. (The sweetness of apricots can vary greatly.) Add the psyllium and blend until it is mixed in.

Layering the cake
When the bottom layer is relatively firm, remove from the freezer and arrange apricot slices on top so that they are close together.

Pour the cream on top of the apricot slices and spread out evenly. Place the cake in the refrigerator or freezer again to cool. As soon as it is firm, remove the ring and decorate the cake with apricots or another type of fruit.

The author recommends that you cool the cake 2–4 hours in freezer or 5–8 hours in the refrigerator.

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