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Debunking "WHAT THE HEALTH" film with Dr. Neal Barnard

Plant Based News interviewed Dr. Neal Barnard about vegan nutrition and the recent controversy surrounding the film 'What the Health'.
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Plant Based News interviewed Dr. N. Barnard about vegan nutrition and aspects of 'What the Health'.

Published on:
10 August 2017
Neal Barnard
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214'001 on 18 September 2017
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Available on Netflix, Vimeo and here, “What the Health” aims to “uncover the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases – and investigate why the nation’s leading health organizations don’t want people to know about it.

Despite its acclaimed content, numerous scientific references and personal testimonials, the film was heavily criticized by other scientists, Paleo supporters and industry representatives.

Dr. Neal Barnard, one of the experts featured in the documentary, has the opportunity to respond to some of these critics and clarify the most important messages.

0:51: Does processed meat cause diabetes?

2:31: In response to the people accusing the doctors in the film of lying.

4:18: How the industry funds studies that support their products.

6:04: How do we counter fake messages and counterfeit data
with “good science”

7:07: Is fish really toxic?

9:39: The biggest misinformation about health.

10:48: Cheese has more cholesterol than meat and the double amount
of sodium compared to a typical portion of potato chips.

11:57: Is milk better than cheese? (Yes, if you are a calf).

13:30: Why it is nothing wrong with associating the animal rights
agenda with the plant-based health message.

15:05: The misinformation problem and the most powerful
influencers in the medicine field.

17:37: The International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine in
Washington, D.C. helping doctors apply the scientific findings
about nutrition.

21:12: How can a lay person see the difference between true and
fake health claims?

22:39: The take away message of “What the health” movie.

23:44: The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - achievements
and future plans.

26:41: Dr. Barnard’s legacy.

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