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Dr. John McDougall and Dr. T. Colin Campbell about Cancer

Dr. McDougall and Dr. Campbell present the stages of cancer development and how a plant based nutrition can help prevent or control the disease.
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Published on:19 August 2014 Producer:Campbell, T. Colin
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Would you rather go through endless medical checkups, mammography procedures, biopsies, operations, breast amputation, chemotherapy, removal of lymph nodes, etc., than eat oatmeal, hash brown potatoes, bean burritos and minestrone soup?

Dr. McDougall questions the validity of some research studies which imply that nutrition has no impact on cancer development. He argues that the diets followed by the people in study group, were just “moderate, pruned diets, still a sick version of the American diet”.

Dr. Campbell explains the three stages of cancer development, and stresses the fact that even if cancer was already initiated by changes in the genes, a plant based diet can interfere with the proliferation of cancerous cells, stopping their "growing" and preventing cancer to develop or to spread to new locations.

Find out more about how diet can prevent breast cancer.

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