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What happened when I switched back from raw to cooked food

After a deadly cancer diagnosis, Ernst Erb ate raw vegan for seven years. What happened when he switched from vegan raw food to cooking?
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Published on:16 April 2018 Producer:Ernst Erb
Number of views: 55 on 30 April 2018
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In 1978, at the age of 41, Ernst Erb was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s cancer (mantle cell lymphoma, MCL), a terminal form of cancer, and given a statistical life expectancy of 2½ years.

He avoided this inevitable death by radically changing his lifestyle and eating a raw food diet for about seven years. After this, he temporarily changed to a pesca-vegetarian diet because it worked better with his family situation.

Tragedies, fatal disease, but also determination, health, and life are described here.

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