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Dr. Peter Gøtzsche Exposes Big Pharma as Organized Crime

Dr Peter Gøtzsche criticizes the pharma industry, pointing out all the characteristic it has in common with mafia and organized crime.
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Published on:1 April 2015 Producer:Dr Peter Gøtzsche
Number of views: 186'983 on 19 May 2017
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Prescription drugs are considered to be the third cause of death. Half of these people die because of the side effects, “doing what their doctors told them” while the other half die because of medical errors.

Dr. Gøtzsche states that the strategies pharma industry uses, “fulfill the criteria for organized crime” and that many of the prescribed medicines are in fact not necessary, causing more harm than good and leading to further mental and physical ailments.

It’s not popular to tell the truth in health care (…) because a lot of people make money on false premises, doctors and industry alike. And our drug regulators, our politicians, they are all on board on this wagon”.

Read more about dr. Gøtzsche’s book Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime.

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