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The Perils of Dairy

John McDougall MD discusses what makes dairy such a perilous food and how milk promotes obesity and tumor "growing".
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Published on:1 December 2009 Producer:John McDougall
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In a comprehensive and well-documented presentation, John McDougall, MD, debunks the myths and advertising claims that the dairy industry uses to increase its sales. Not only he proves that milk doesn’t promote bone health, doesn’t prevent colon cancer, doesn’t help with weight loss and doesn’t lower blood pressure, but he also shows the tremendous negative impact dairy has on human health.

00:02:14 Success stories.

00:07:00 Projects and researches about health problems that can be cured with nutrition.

00:11:20 Planned legal actions against the dairy industry and the three big crimes against society at this time.

00:15:35 Dairy Checkoff 2003 Unified Marketing Plan Budget Geared to Help Increase Demand in Domestic and International Markets.

00:17:00 What makes cows milk not suitable for humans. The false calcium deficiency problem.

00:23:02 Debunking dairy and meat industry's claims that protein builds strong bones.

00:35:00 The true cause of osteoporosis.

00:44:00 "Insulinlike GrowthFactor 1" (IGF 1) - a hormone found in milk and a powerful cancer stimulator.

00:46:14 What does low-fat dairy really mean.

00:49:54 Tobacco and dairy industry's goal: "to guide school-age children to become life-long consumers". Where does the white color of the milk come from (together with health problems like bovine leukemia and bovine AIDS virus).

00:57:57 Constipation, diabetes, reumathoid arthritis and other diseases caused by milk consumption.

01:05:52 Marketing to children.

01:08:31 Is dairy suitable for weight loss, colon cancer prevention and hypertension?

01:12:12 Milk is liquid meat.

01:13:33 The impact of meat consumption on potency and male anatomy.





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