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David Healy: Bad Medicine

Cardiff University psychiatrist Dr. David Healy says evidence-based medicine and industry-controlled drug trials are leading to unnecessary treatments.
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Cardiff University psychiatrist Dr. David Healy about EBM and industry-controlled drug trials.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin
Published on:
21 March 2012
David Healy
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10'488 on 2 October 2017
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Treatment induced death is the 4th leading cause of death and there are perhaps illnesses where it is the leading cause of death.” (Dr. David Healy).

People trust their doctors and the doctors think they can trust the evidence base.

The problem is that half of the studies the pharmaceutical industry does, aren’t published. And the majority of the studies that end up being published, are ghost written. “And the ghost writers can polish a study that often contain trials that the regulator had looked at and said ‘this is a negative trial of the drug, the drug comes with risks’… but in the hands of a good ghost writer, the article that comes out in the best journals in the field, with really big names on the authorship line, who haven’t seen the data, says ‘this drug works wonderfully well and is extremely effective'”.

Leading sales in the pharmaceutic industry come from cancer treatments, statins, cardiovascular treatments, antidepressants, mood stabilizers and acid reflux medication.

The shocking statement comes at the end, when dr. Healy declares that over 50 % of the medication prescribed in mood disorders isn’t in fact necessary.

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