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Summiting the Rigi at the age of 83

At the age of 83, Ernst Erb summited the Rigi (1797 m) in one day, to prove that eating a plant-based diet keeps you active and healthy at any age.
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Published on:19 June 2020 Producer:Ernst Erb
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After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1978, Ernst Erb made a radical change in his lifestyle and started eating a plant-based diet. Now, at the age of 83, he has lots of energy, does regular hikes, and manages two non-profit organizations.

"At the age of 41 and with five children, I had the choice between a very early death and an alternative. I did not deceive myself with false hopes, but uncompromisingly set out on my own path — I never believed in a sure success, but rather in the possibility of success." Ernst Erb

The aim of these videos is to show that eating a natural, plant-based diet keeps people healthy and active no matter the age or the number of hours spent in front of the computer.

Find out more about Ernst's story and check out the breakfast recipe he developed. The Erb Muesli covers 66% of the daily requirement for fiber, 175% of the requirement for vitamin C, and over 100% of the necessary omega-3 fatty acid ALA.

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