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Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid it at all Costs

Mark Hyman, MD explains why “everybody needs milk to be healthy” is a misconception and what are the main reasons why people should avoid milk at all costs.
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Published on:12 January 2010 Producer:Mark Hyman, MD
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Dairy is nature’s perfect food… but only if you’re a calf”. Both medical practical experience and scientific studies advise against milk consumption.

The US Department of Agriculture’s recommendations (the food pyramid included) represent only the interests of the food industry. They are neither scientifically founded, nor aimed at promoting population health. Furthermore, some of these recommendations are in fact harmful (e.g. to drink three grasses of milk per day and consume more dairy products).

Some of the reasons why milk should be avoided: it increases the risk of bone fracture; it is directly related to prostate cancer and influences the development of other forms of cancer due to the high IGF 1 content; 75 % of the world population is genetically unable to properly digest milk (lactose intolerance); saturated fats in milk are linked to heart disease; milk aggravates the irritable bowel syndrome; dairy contribute to various health problems – allergies, sinusitis, infections, type I diabetes, and chronic constipation.

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