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Preparation Time
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Although this recipe is vegan, it is not particularly healthy as it contains either too much oil or salt, or other ingredients in amounts that could be harmful to our health if consumed regularly over a longer period of time.

The amount of fat in this recipe is shown to the right (last number after the second slash), and the amount of salt is listed at the bottom of the first table. Click on the individual entries in the third table to read more about the essential fatty acids.

Meal "Avocado with tomato and banana filling and pine nuts", served on a square wooden plate.
© CC-by-sa 2.0, Melanie Scherer, Stiftung Gesundheit und Ernährung Schweiz
  • 397 kCal
  • Water 77.9%
  • 43
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 43.45%
    Macronutrient proteins 8.92%
    Macronutrient fats 47.63%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 4.0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.24 g
Avocado boats with a tomato and banana filling is a nice appetizer and/or side that is quick to prepare. Almond butter and soy sauce enhance the flavor.
Preparation Time
Time required incl. waiting, preparation and cooking time
Ø 3.5 of 2 ratings.
Photo of vegan broth
© Michael Weber for diet-health
  • 93 kCal
  • Water 96.4%
  • 76
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 76.38%
    Macronutrient proteins 12.61%
    Macronutrient fats 11.01%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.58 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.18 g
Vegan broth has a wide variety of uses. This recipe is easy to make and can be varied to suit your taste.
Preparation Time
Time required incl. waiting, preparation and cooking time
Ø 3.0 of 2 ratings.
Pomegranate Syrup
© Public Domain, coatilex, Wikipedia unter "Grenadine (Lebensmittel)"
  • 311 kCal
  • Water 69.4%
  • 92
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 92.42%
    Macronutrient proteins 4.5%
    Macronutrient fats 3.08%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.18 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.00 g
Pomegranate Syrup with Orange and Vanilla Flavor can be diluted and served as a refreshing beverage or used to flavor a wide variety of dishes.
Preparation Time
Ø 3.0 of 1 rating.
Velvety Smoothie, poured in a glass and garnished with a slice of lime, ready to serve
© Nora Maria Nagel for diet-health
  • 133 kCal
  • Water 89.6%
  • 93
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 93.28%
    Macronutrient proteins 5.15%
    Macronutrient fats 1.56%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.14 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.04 g
Subtly sweet and velvety light smoothie with banana and passion fruit. Ideal as a refreshing drink alongside a meal or as a snack.
Preparation Time
Ø 3.0 of 1 rating.
Tropical Green Smoothie
© Nora Maria Nagel for diet-health
  • 135 kCal
  • Water 89.0%
  • 90
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 89.82%
    Macronutrient proteins 8.06%
    Macronutrient fats 2.12%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.18 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.08 g
Perfect for those who like to drink their serving of spinach. This delicious green smoothie packed with healthy nutrients can be prepared in just five minutes.
Preparation Time
Time required incl. waiting, preparation and cooking time
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Homemade tomato paste made from fresh tomatoes in a canning jar. Whole tomatoes next to it.
© Bought from New Africa, fotolia
  • 40 kCal
  • Water 93.9%
  • 77
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 77.08%
    Macronutrient proteins 18.77%
    Macronutrient fats 4.15%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.19 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.02 g
This tomato paste is super easy to make and means you can avoid prepackaged food. It can be made from beefsteak tomatoes or regular tomatoes.
Preparation Time
Time required incl. waiting, preparation and cooking time
Ø 3.0 of 1 rating.
Eggplant hummus with sesame, onions and garlic in black bowl.
© Bought from FomaA, fotolia
  • 302 kCal
  • Water 65.1%
  • 67
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 67.5%
    Macronutrient proteins 20.85%
    Macronutrient fats 11.65%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 3.5 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.10 g
This eggplant hummus is a delicious variation on traditional Middle Eastern hummus and is delicious as a vegetable dip or spread.
Preparation Time
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Warming Raw Energy Drink with Ginger and Turmeric, served in a cup.
© Nora Maria Nagel for diet-health
  • 145 kCal
  • Water 88.7%
  • 85
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 85.34%
    Macronutrient proteins 0.81%
    Macronutrient fats 13.86%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.09 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.00 g
This warm, raw energy drink with ginger and turmeric comes as a welcome warm-up on cool days. Its ingredients promote healthy blood circulation and metabolism.
Preparation Time
No rates.
Date and Walnut Balls ready to eat, arranged on a plate.
© Julia (Yuliya) Velitschko for diet-health
  • 567 kCal
  • Water 8.0%
  • 34
    Macronutrient carbohydrates 34.05%
    Macronutrient proteins 13.12%
    Macronutrient fats 52.83%
  • Ω-6 (LA) 29 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 6.8 g
Our date and walnut balls with carob powder are naturally sweet, very quick to prepare, and a nice healthy snack.