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The Meaning of Life, Natural Science, and Belief in Religion


A researcher (biochemist and university professor emeritus) explains our true being and the world since the big bang.

Double rainbow over ecological nature in Africa - like untouched natural life.© CC0, wjgomes, PixabayScientific knowledge can help us in this search. Does our life have meaning? How can we find this meaning? And can the natural sciences guide us in our search?

The search for the meaning of life is a search for our own dignity.

1. Meaning, faith, and science

Two thousand years ago, humans were still trying to scientifically prove the existence of God and the meaning of human life. Four and a half centuries ago, Earth was believed to be the center of the universe. And two centuries ago, many believed that nature, and with it humanity, was seeking to achieve ultimate perfection.

These factors appeared to be a testament to the regulatory hand of God, who had chosen humanity to be the summit of all creation. However, faith and religion have deeper roots.

Not much of all of this is left today. We acknowledge the fact that there will never be scientific proof that there is a God, even though some of the brightest minds in history have searched for such proof. The astronomers of the Renaissance showed that our Earth is only a minor celestial body among billions of others.

In 1858, Charles Darwin announced that the evolution of life is a blind process in which new forms of life are created by random variation of existing forms and by natural selection (evolution).

After this, the development of life was no longer evidence of divine workings that gave purpose and meaning to biological evolution.

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