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Why Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link)

Exercise is good for the heart and makes you look good. However, there are much more compelling reasons to exercise regularly.
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"If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed” (Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky).

From an evolutionary perspective, the aim of brain development was to produce adaptable and complex movements. If the living conditions don’t require too much movement, the brain shrinks. “Less movement, less brain is necessary”.

Watch this video to find out why a few minutes jogging is better than stocking up on coffee, or why a 30 minutes workout three times a week have the same results as some antidepressants.

0:00 Exercise's crappy and unfair marketing
2:23 Why do we have brains?
4:39 More exercise = Better Test Scores
5:21 BDNF - "Miracle Gro" for the Brain
6:36 Our human body: The IF THEN system
8:10 Arnold Schwarzenegger, productivity genius
8:44 Brain's reward center & "Dopami.."
10:45 Exercise alleviates depression & anxiety
11:30 Exercise alleviates the negative effects of stress
13:15 How can improving your life in virtually every way not be at the top of your to-do list?

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