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WHAT THE HEALTH - Trailer (2017)

What the health - a film about nutrition, health, corruption and how meat and dairy are responsible for an epidemic cascade of debilitating diseases.
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2:03 English

Channel: Platform:YouTube
Published on:13 July 2017 Producer:Kip Andersen
Number of views: 2'816 on 15 September 2017
Rubric(s): Health, Principles/General, Medicine, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Politics, Industry/Commerce, Wellness, Nature, Environment, Ethics, Social / Religion
Topterms:Principle, Cardiovascular Disorders, Pediatrics, Special Subjects, Complementary and alternative medicine, General topics, Functional Food, Raw food (meals), Vegan nutrition, Nutritional forms Tags:Healthy, Wholesome, Normal diet, Non-meat-diet, Vegan, Special eating habits, Milk, Dairy products, Fat, Unhealthy, Meat, Meat consumption, Health, Animal welfare, Cows or cattle, Chicken, Eggs, Hunger

Featuring experts in the field of medicine (M. Greger, M. Klaper, N. Barnard, K. Williams, J. McDougall), nutrition (R. Lathon), public health (M. Simon) and sports (T. Shieff, T. Blanco), the movie presents the disastrous state of the current public health and the main factors that are causing and maintaining it.

The major culprit for this modern epidemic (diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, dementia, obesity, cancer) is considered to be the consumption of meat and dairy.

And while this two industries lure people with false studies and aggressive public campaigns to increase their consumption, the pharmaceutical industry benefits from this, promoting drugs and expensive medical procedures for conditions which could have been easily prevented or reversed with a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle.

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