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Dr. Ellsworth Wareham: The secret to Living Longer

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham: A living proof that a plant based diet, regular physical activity and a supportive community extends life expectancy and promotes health.
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Published on:2 October 2015 Producer:Dr. Ellsworth Wareham
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Dr. Ellsworth Wareham (born in 1914) retired from his profession as cardiothoracic surgeon at the age of 74 and continued to teach university students until the age of 95. In a very good state of health, both mentally and physically, he drives his car, climbs the stairs in his house several times a day just for the sake of exercise and walks without any mobility aid.

Loma Linda, his hometown, is considered to be a so called “blue zone”, one of the five places in the world where people live longer than the general population.

Dr. Ellsworth, together with the specialists at Loma Linda University - School of Health, describe what makes “a prescription for a long and healthy life”, namely: eating a plant based diet, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and refraining from smoking, alcohol and caffeine.

Interestingly enough, the local market in Loma Linda doesn’t even sell meat, while the local stores provide a diversity of nuts, fruits and vegetables. The sense of community is very strong, people engage together in different sports and activities and the medical community has an integrative approach to health care.

As a result, medical representatives of Loma Linda have reported a reduced incidence of heart problems and a reduced cardiovascular disease mortality. Dr. Ellsworth believes that, besides a vegan diet, a positive attitude is another essential condition for becoming a centenarian.

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