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The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health
The best perspective for your health

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1min 13min
Nettle tea in a glass cup, surrounded by fresh stinging nettle leaves.
© Bought from Hetizia, fotolia
  • 1.0 kcal
  • Water 100%
  • 73/26/01 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0 g
Nettle tea, or stinging nettle tea, is easy to prepare, and thanks to its diuretic effects it has many health benefits.
20min 12h
Homemade Wild Garlic Mustard with Ginger and Maple Syrup (optionally with white wine).
© Bought from bilderhexchen, fotolia
  • 71 kcal
  • Water 66%
  • 54/22/24 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.28 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.39 g
Wild garlic mustard develops a rich flavor when combined with fresh herbs, ginger, and maple syrup. This recipe can be prepared with or without white wine.
Salad with oil-free vinaigrette with walnuts and orange juice
© Inke Weissenborn for diet-health
  • 85 kcal
  • Water 33%
  • 46/11/43 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 3.5 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.83 g
This vinaigrette with walnuts, orange juice, and balsamic vinegar is oil-free and contains a healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.
10min 40min
Homemade tomato paste made from fresh tomatoes in a canning jar. Whole tomatoes next to it.
© Bought from New Africa, fotolia
  • 40 kcal
  • Water 94%
  • 77/19/04 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.19 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.02 g
This tomato paste is super easy to make and means you can avoid prepackaged food. It can be made from beefsteak tomatoes or regular tomatoes.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
© Bought from ajr_images, fotolia
  • 78 kcal
  • Water 86%
  • 97/02/01 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.06 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.01 g
If you eat an apple every day, you are doing a lot of good for your health and truly keeping the doctor away. A classic superfood.
Just one Brazil nut per day covers the daily requirement for selenium.
© Bought from ratmaner, fotolia
  • 33 kcal
  • Water 3%
  • 13/15/72 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 1.2 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.00 g
Selenium is important for our health, and by eating Brazil nuts it is easy to get the daily recommended amount of this essential trace mineral.
15min 14h
Eggplant hummus with sesame, onions and garlic in black bowl.
© Bought from FomaA, fotolia
  • 302 kcal
  • Water 65%
  • 67/21/12 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 3.5 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.10 g
This eggplant hummus is a delicious variation on traditional Middle Eastern hummus and is delicious as a vegetable dip or spread.
Date and Walnut Balls ready to eat, arranged on a plate.
© Julia (Yuliya) Velitschko for diet-health
  • 567 kcal
  • Water 8%
  • 34/13/53 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 29 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 6.8 g
Our date and walnut balls with carob powder are naturally sweet, very quick to prepare, and a nice healthy snack.
Warming Raw Energy Drink with Ginger and Turmeric, served in a cup.
© Maria Nagel for diet-health
  • 145 kcal
  • Water 89%
  • 85/01/14 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 0.09 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 0.00 g
This warm, raw energy drink with ginger and turmeric comes as a welcome warm-up on cool days. Its ingredients promote healthy blood circulation and metabolism.