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Red Bell Pepper Soup with Coconut, Chia, and Ginger (Paprika-Kokos-Chia-Suppe) from the cookbook “Be Faster, Go Vegan – mit 75 schnellen Rezepten,” p. 133
© Courtesy of Jörg Wilhelm, Narayana Verlag GmbH / Unimedica Verlag
  • 431 kcal
  • Water 79%
  • 52/13/35 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 2.3 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 6.0 g
This red bell pepper soup with coconut, chia, and ginger is an exceptionally healthy Asian interpretation of traditional gazpacho.
Erb-Muesli for two persons - lactose-free and gluten-free (vegan, raw). Much of omega-3-fatty acid
© Ernst Erb for diet-health
  • 367 kcal
  • Water 79%
  • 81/10/09 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 2.3 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 2.2 g
Erb-Muesli is a vegan (lactose-free), raw muesli. With seeds instead of grains, it is gluten-free and a good “bread replacement".
Erb muesli plus oat flakes with a ratio of omega6 to omega3 of 1:1! See ingredient tables.
© CC-by-sa 3.0, Marie Elisabeth Stobbe
  • 467 kcal
  • Water 76%
  • 79/11/10 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 3.0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 3.1 g
Erb Muesli with Rolled Oats is a vegan (lactose-free), raw muesli. It serves as an especially healthy breakfast and is a good “bread replacement.”
Chicory Salad with Figs (Chicorée-Feigensalat) from the cookbook “Rohkost” (Raw food)
© Courtesy of Neun Zehn Verlag
  • 490 kcal
  • Water 85%
  • 47/10/44 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 14 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 2.8 g
The combination of the slightly bitter chicory and sweet figs plus blanched celery and avocados give this salad an exquisite flavor.
20min 12h
Sunday Brunch Rolls from the cookbook “Dörren in Rohkostqualität” by Ute Ludwig, p. 81
© Courtesy of Anna-Lena Holm, Ulmer Verlag
  • 203 kcal
  • Water 57%
  • 49/15/37 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 2.4 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 3.0 g
These tasty Sunday brunch rolls made with almond pulp and flaxseed are dehydrated instead of baked. Make sure to buy raw rolled oats that have not been steamed.
20min 12h
Mushroom Pâté. Apricots. Mustard Herb Crackers. (Pilz-Paté. Aprikosen. Senf-Kräuter-Cracker) from the cookbook “Plant Food,” page 111
© Courtesy of Stacey Cramp, Narayana Verlag GmbH / Unimedica Verlag
  • 197 kcal
  • Water 54%
  • 38/20/42 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 5.6 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 3.9 g
This mushroom pâte with spicy apricots and mustard herb crackers is an elegant and artistic dish that will impress your guests every time.
Mango “Mozzarella” Tatare from the cookbook “Tierschutz geniessen,” p. 40
© Inke Weissenborn for diet-health
  • 419 kcal
  • Water 79%
  • 48/12/40 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 5.0 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 2.0 g
This fruity mango “mozzarella” tartare with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and pine nuts is a tasty and aesthetic dish to impress your guests with.
35min 9h
Simple Tostada from the cookbook “Raw and Radiant” by Summer Sanders, p. 166
© Courtesy of Alexa Gray, Skihorse Publishing
  • 535 kcal
  • Water 61%
  • 63/14/22 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 8.1 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 3.5 g
Simple Tostada, made from corn, red bell pepper, and flaxseed, is delicious, easy to prepare, and tastes great with the suggested toppings.
10min 45min
Roasted Vegetables with Red Beet, Pumpkin, and Mustard Sauce from “Vegane Lieblingsrezepte,” p. 115
© Courtesy of Julia Vogel, Dachbuch Verlag
  • 631 kcal
  • Water 82%
  • 65/10/25 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 13 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 3.8 g
Roasted Vegetables with Red Beet, Pumpkin, and Mustard Sauce is not just bright and colorful; it also contains many healthy ingredients.
Photo of the original recipe for Cauliflower with Oranges in Tahini Sauce from “Kick it vegan!”
© Courtesy of Neun Zehn Verlag
  • 453 kcal
  • Water 81%
  • 44/17/39 
  • Ω-6 (LA) 15 g
  • Ω-3 (ALA) 2.8 g
The savory tahini sauce and fresh, healthy oranges complement each other perfectly in this recipe and ensure a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.