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Andrea Gruber

Andrea Gruber, Immagine del 2023
Graduate Ecologist, Social Media Supervisor


I studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna with a focus in the field of sustainability and ecology. At the Institute for Organic Agriculture, I was able to write my diploma thesis on the topic of “Holism in organic agriculture.” It takes a closer look at the aspect of holistic farming in organic farming and analyses its origins from organic pioneers such as, Rudolf Steiner, Evelyn Balfour, and Albert Howard.

Working in various nature parks awakened my interest in communicating about sustainable topics, and so I followed up with further training in graphic design and online marketing. The area of environmental and sustainability communication is, therefore, my focus.

That’s why I supervise the social media channels at and write articles on ingredients.


As I have been vegetarian since childhood – out of personal, ethical convictions – I have already begun to deal with from early to be concerned in nutrition. A healthy and diverse lifestyle is just as important to me as the sustainability of products used and, of course, the taste.

Vegan meals in particular are often viewed with skepticism by non-vegans, and suffer from prejudice that they would not be as good as conventional dishes anyway. So, I am always happy to prove with home-cooked and home-baked dishes that a vegan diet does not mean any loss of enjoyment if you know what you are doing.

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